Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve is a German-style lager created in 2008 by AC Golden Brewing Company. It is currently brewed and marketed, only in Colorado, by AC Golden Brewing Company in Golden, CO.

Born of German heritage dating back to 1868, Herman Joseph’s recipe combines the finest European and North American hops with prized Moravian two-row barley. Each small brew begins with a slow and easy 120-minute boil. Select ingredients are added at the precise moment to build its taste complexities. Each brew is then chilled to 1° Celsius and allowed to rest for weeks on end. This Chill-lagering develops each Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve brew into a perfectly balanced, deep golden lager that is appreciated for its distinctive qualities and unmistakable crisp, clean finish. Because of the extra time required to brew, age and package this rare beer, it takes longer to craft Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve.

– we believe you will agree... it’s worth the wait. –

HJ Beer Glass